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Why We Moved Out of Our Home During A Remodel and Why You Should, Too

If you’re getting ready to renovate your home, don’t even think about trying to live in it during the remodel. It might seem like trying to get by without a kitchen or with one less bathroom can be manageable for a few months, but it only takes a few days before it becomes stressful.


Getting through a new home renovation

When I had my home remodeled, I decided it was best for me and my family to move out for the duration of the project so that we could still have home-cooked meals without dealing with noise, hazards, or a lack of a stove. It was the best decision, not just for the safety and ease it brought, but also for how nice of a surprise it was to move back into a remodeled home!

Whether it’s kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms, moving into temporary housing is what will help you stay on track with fewer distractions and less stress. You won’t have to worry about seeing a slow work-in-progress everyday while also never dealing with the noise and busy atmosphere of work. Your home should be a place to relax, so if it’s currently under works, then don’t add any more stress to yourself than you already have with your investment.


Moving out gets the job done quicker

A great idea would be to use the time to go on vacation with your family, or visit other relatives who can provide temporary housing. You can even accommodate paid housing from hotels and Airbnbs for your family. By freeing up your home for the contractor and his workers, they will be able to get their jobs done faster, with quick clean up too. They won’t have to work around your schedules, which keeps the timeline for the project much shorter.

Overseeing work can cause unnecessary delays or stress in the progress of the work, so it’s best to trust the contractor to produce a beautiful renovation. Moving out would be much more efficient and let everyone do their jobs without distraction. You can carry on with your regular routine as usual, while the workers have undivided focus on getting your remodeling done beautifully.


Moving out during a remodel is cheaper

It might seem like a big expense, but in the long-run, it actually saves you a lot of money. If you move out, the renovation can be completed on a much shorter timeline than if you were still living there, so that would incur less expenses. The contractor also won’t need to spend much on site protection when people won’t be around to cause any potential harm, reducing your overall expenses for the remodel altogether.

All the money saved is the perfect investment to help you accommodate your temporary housing needs so that your remodel goes smoothly and comes out flawless.


Temporary housing during a remodel is the safest option

Finally, temporary housing is simply safer for everyone. Your family won’t have to worry about potential harm from trying to navigate their daily lives through building materials and tools, while workers can feel confident and focused without the distraction of others. It’s also better for your health. Remodeling jobs can cause a lot of dust to accumulate, so temporary housing would eradicate the risk of you breathing any of it in.

So if you’re remodeling, remember how temporary housing results in the best situation for both you and the contractor, with the most gorgeous result for your final renovation too.

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