What Is The Difference of the Big 3 O’s?

Do you know that the “3 O’s” are?  Many people are confused about the difference between an Optician, Optometrist and Ophthalmologist.  Don’t they all do the same thing?  What is the difference?  Even doctors and professionals familiar with the optical industry have this mixed up and are often confused of the differences and similarities.

So what is the difference?

First lets talk about those lenses…


What do they do?  Opticians are technicians that receive an optical prescription and fill it.  The are experts at glasses, lenses and frames.  They go to school for over two years and learn everything from fitting frames to your face as well as what frames work for different face shapes.  These are your go-to when you have specific questions about progressive’s vs bifocal, refractive index, anti-glare coatings and anything necessary to ensure you have the right lens for your needs.

Next let’s talk about your eye health


These are your eye health doctor and specialist.  They are similar to your family doctor.  These are the specialists you see if you are having any trouble with your eyesight.  Are you having blurry vision or itchy or watering eyes?  Your optometrists will run several tests to determine the next course of action.  Even if you do not notice any problems, it is still important to see a doctor every year as well as an optometrist.  Completing education to become an optometrist takes seven-to-nine years: three-to-four years of college plus four years of optometry school. The one-year clinical residency for specialization is an optional, additional year.

So what does an Ophthalmologist do?


Are surgeons who perfom often times complex eye surgeries.  They are medical doctors (MD’s) who have gone on to become experts in eye health and surgical procedures.  A referral is required to see them as they are similar to hearth, kidney and others surgeons.  If you are diagnosed with a cataract that requires surgery, you would be referred to an Ophthalmologists that specializes in cataract surgery.

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