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What is Presbyopia?

Have you heard of Presbyopia?  What exactly is it?  In this article we will discuss Presbyopia including symptoms and treatments.  What is Presbyopia?  Well, have you heard the saying “what comes up but comes down”? Your age!  This also stands true for your eye health.  It is an eye problem that normally occurs around age 40, even if you have never had vision problems in the past!  Though many of us like to think we ‘age like wine’ this is one problem we might not be able to avoid.

It is the normal loss of near focus ability that naturally occurs with age.  You may start to notice blurry vision while reading or looking at your computer or smart device or while reading text messages.  Presbyopia makes focusing between distances more difficult!

Symptoms of Presbyopia

Unfortunately, since this condition is related to the natural process of age, you can not avoid it.  Even people who are nearsighted will notice blurry near vision when they are wearing prescription glasses.   You may notice blurred vision while sewing, reading, texting or doing activities that require near vision.

Often times, many people mistake the symptoms of Presbyopia for farsightedness.  These conditions are actually very different. Farsightedness is a result of the refractive error that occurs when the shape of the eye focuses light beyond the retina.  Presbyopia on the other hand is a result of loss of flexibility in the lens.

How to Treat Presbyopia

If you are experiencing symptoms of Presbyopia, it is very important you schedule an appointment with your optometrist.  Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse or cure Presbyopia, but your eye doctor can recommend a few multi-focal or contact lenses for you.  Additional  treatment options include:

  • Magnifiers
  • “Readers” or Reading Glasses
  • Bifocal, trifocal or progressive lenses
  • Contact Lenses:  Multi-focal lenses are made to provide clear vision for up close and far away.
  • Refractive Eye Surgery

After your Presbyopia is treated, keep in mind that your condition will continue over your lifetime.  Therefore you will need to follow up with your optometrist on a regular basis or as needed.  Your optometrist will change out your eyewear in order for you to maintain clear and comfortable vision.

It is very important to team up with an optometrist that you trust!  Coachella Valley Optometry is here to help you determine if multi-focal lenses, contacts or single vision reading glasses are right for you.  Our two clinics in Southern California are equipped the latest technology and a wide variety of lenses for your eyes!

Continue to stay safe out there and remember to also keep those eyes protected!  =)


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