What glasses say about you

What Do Your Glasses Say About You?

Beyond being a big help to daily life, glasses are a wonderful opportunity to express your personality and shape your style too. They are one of the first things people are going to notice about you, so what sort of impression are you leaving with your lens, frame, and color choices?

Are you giving off free thinking-hipster vibes, or are you more of the sophisticated-nerd type? Something else entirely? Let’s see which styles express the true you!

Detecting Personality Types – Eyewear Edition

Just call me the eyewear astrologer, because I bet I could tell you a lot about your personality just from the types of eyewear you like to rock!

1) The On-Trend Hipster

Trendy folks are always on the latest trend, which means they are super sociable and on top of their style game – the epitome of a hipster. This involves eclectic tastes, like blending older trends with modern styles and opting for bolder colors than most. So if you’re trendy, your styles may change, but for the most part, you like to stick to the shapes that never go out of style: round and wayfarer glasses.

2) The Laid-back & Simple

Laid-back styles are made for the minimalists out there who like to keep it simple, or for those of you who are just too busy to keep up with anything else. If this is you, you like having those one or two pairs of glasses that will match with anything, and are not too distinctive. This includes neutral and traditional color tones like brown, gray and black, and semi-rimless or rimless frames that don’t take up too much of your face.

3) The Quirky Rebel

These folks live life by rules of their own, as they like to take it all the way back to decades past with their styles. You probably fall into this category if you wear cat-eye, wayfarer, or aviator glasses. Vintage is your middle name, and you’re not afraid to rock bold rims with it, with classic black, gold, or silver colors, but sometimes a fun pattern or color too. Again, you have no rules.

4) The Nerdy & Sophisticated

In today’s world, geek is chic, and horn-rimmed glasses are your classic go-to choice if this is you. If you’re a super geek, the most important aspect of your glasses for you is its functionality, and you’re probably always wearing them. You opt for the classics in shape and color, and may rock thicker lenses than most, but the important thing for you is that you come across as sophisticated as possible.

5) The Athlete

It’s not just the nerds who seek functional glasses, it’s the superstar athletes too. Wrap-around, semi-rimless, and rectangle glasses are enough for you, and your color options are almost always black or brown. For the athlete, the expression comes through sport, not so much your glasses, but you still appreciate the compliments you get from them!

Find Your Eyewear Personality Type

Think you found your category? Good, this makes your next trip to the optometrist a whole lot easier. It’s important to enjoy shopping for eyewear because ultimately, if you’re going to wear something so often, it should express exactly who you want to be!

Glasses aren’t boring, and they certainly never have been with all the styles to choose from. Make sure to get a professional fitting to get the glasses that fit you perfectly and make you appreciate yourself even more.

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