UPNEEQ: I Tried it and it’s an Eye Opener!

Do you have low-lying eyelids? Do people always tell you that you look tired because of your droopy eyes?

And no, this is not a cosmetic surgery pitch! I won’t ask you to get a surgical brow lift, botox brow lift, or even cosmetic injectables.

If you have acquired ptosis, getting Bella Hadid brows isn’t going to help. What you really need is quite simple. The secret to your celebrity transformation is an eye drop- Upneeq. Upneeq is an oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic-based eye drop solution, and it’s literally an eye-opener! It is the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop of its kind and can give you younger-looking eyes without any sort of micro-bladed brows, browlifts, or cosmetic injectables.

In fact, I’m going to take you through my own journey with Upneeq and why I can guarantee that it is most certainly not a scam!

How to Get Started?

Upneeq can be prescribed by any doctor, including an optometrist. It is formulated to enhance your vision by stimulating the eye’s Miller muscles, specifically the alpha-adrenergic receptors. These contractions actually lift the eye. Hence, you don’t need to get any surgical browlifts, brow thread lifts, or other cosmetic surgery procedures done to get younger eyes. You can get the 30-day supply for 105 USD and the 90-day supply for almost 85 USD. Moreover, Upneeq is filled directly by RVL Pharmaceuticals and doesn’t require insurance. Plus, they ship directly to your doorstep within a week through UPS.

How to Use Upneeq?

As with any eye drop, using Upneeq is fairly straightforward. Just put a single drop of the medication once a day in your eyes. Create a small pouch with your lower lid, insert the drop, and then let it rest. Of course, if you wear contacts, I recommend taking those out and reinserting them after at least 15 minutes. The eye drops come in small vials with 2.5 drops each. Thus, you want to get it right the first time, so as not to waste any of the medication.

What to Expect?

When you use these drops, you might feel a slight tightening in your eyelid but that is only due to the contractions elicited by the oxymetazoline hydrochloride solution. But rest assured, it’s not painful- in fact, it’s not particularly uncomfortable. Upneeq drops are also a little on the thicker side and actually coat the eye for a few minutes. As for results, you should start seeing at least some improvement within 15 to 30 minutes of application, with the effects lasting around 8 hours.

Do I Recommend Upneeq?

Overall, I would say that Upneeq is definitely worth the investment because it doesn’t have any significant major side effects apart from a slight sensation in the eye. On the other hand, though, your eyes will feel much lighter and more beautiful if you use these drops. This will also improve your self-confidence and reduce the need to smother your eyes with makeup. In fact, I would say that Upneeq is a brilliant short-term solution for droopy eyes, though cosmetic surgery or some sort of brow lift might be needed as a permanent solution. Nevertheless, if you ask me, just keep using Upneeq and you can have your own celebrity eye transformation even without Bella Hadid’s brows.

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