Love and eye effect

The Look of Love is in Your Eyes

Well, the special “love” day is coming.  Valentine’s Day 2020 is coming up this Friday and it’s time to get your partner something special.  But, what about giving your partner something more then just chocolates and flowers.  How about giving your partner a little bit of eye contact?

Have you ever noticed a special ‘twinkle’ in the eyes of someone you love or even in a complete stranger?  They say that “your eyes are the windows to the soul.”  Did you also know that your eyes can also give you insight to another’s heart?  Your eyes give insight to your personality.  They are used primarily for communication and connecting to others.  From communicating to large groups to forming strong bonds between two people, your eyes can help improve or destroy relationships.  So use eye contact accordingly!

Long eye contact can attract others

Making eye contact with someone is a very powerful stimulator of emotions.  Many couples who have been married for years claim that it was that “look” or those “eyes” that attracted them to their partner.  A recent study showed that two opposite sex strangers who stared into each others eyes for over two minutes started to produce passionate feelings for each other.

Prolonged eye contact is an open invitation for communication

Long, confident eye contact can create an immediate bond between speaker and listener, a connection that is beneficial to both parties.  When you look someone in the eye, they are likely to look back at you and sincerely listen to what you have to say.  It also encourages engagement and conversation that can lead to admiration, friendship and love.

The “Love Affect” causes your pupils to dilate

Did you know that the love hormones, oxytocin and dopamine, have a huge affect on pupil size?  A man or woman with dilated pupils will mirror attraction and indicates interest and sexual excitement.  Also, if a woman’s pupils dilate during her fertile period it can mean she will experience a successful reproduction.

Eye contact promotes confidence and focus

When you make eye contact, you prove your confidence and belief in who you are and your point of view.  Strong eye contact can also make you look and feel more confident while experiencing improved mood and overall happiness.  Long eye contact actually releases phenylethylamine, a chemical responsible for feelings of attraction!  Making eye contact will make you feel more in love and create a stronger bond with loved ones and strangers alike.

Love at first sight

So…this is actually a thing!  But it only works on your end.  A recent study using hidden cameras found that men who looked at a woman for 8.2 seconds or more were more likely to have feelings of “love at first sight.”

Eye contact indicates lasting love

Are you in a relationship and often hear, “Are you listening to me?!”  If so…you might be in trouble!  Not looking at your partner while he/she is talking can have devastating affects on your relationship.  A famous experiment conducted by Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin, proved that couples who claimed they were deeply in love after many years looked at each other 75% of the time while talking versus the average 30%60% of the time.

So if you are  looking to make a romantic impression this Valentine’s Day,  make sure to add some eye gazing to your gift of flowers and chocolates.  You may not only give your partner a bigger smile, but also improve a lasting and passionate relationship.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



Valentines Day 2020

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