Glasses Trends 2021

The Biggest Eyewear Trends of 2021

With self-expression continuously growing as the cornerstone of fashion, the best eyewear trends of 2021 are here to creatively bring out your personality. I’ve seen so many new styles so far, and I’ve also started trying other styles myself throughout the year. I love a good, fashionable cat-eye pair!


If you’re looking for a change to your fashion and accessorizing, you’re in the right place. Read on to see some of my favorites from the biggest eyewear trends of 2021.


Classic, oversized and black

The black, oversized pair of glasses is as timeless as every woman’s little black dress. If you’re trying to keep it simple and sleek, but still add a bit of bold, these glasses will do the trick. In such a simple style comes a great amount of versatility, so it can be accessorized with just about anything, while still making a statement with its size and style.


Thin, round rims

Thin, round rim glasses embody a formal, elegant, and understated style. As the perfect accessory to both chic outfits and formal wear, these glasses are the perfect cross between luxury and subtlety. You can even find pairs in more eccentric shapes to add a more modern twist.


Cute cat eye glasses

This look is a retro, vintage classic and a perfect fit for a fellow boss babe. With big and exaggerated rims, you’ll be making style statements that people won’t forget. Your confidence is only bound to boost; it can even inspire some really fashionable looks in dresses, jumpsuits, and in the office.


Wooden frames

For those who want to help out the earth a bit more, your glasses are a good place to start. Wooden glasses are, of course, made from wood, so they’re the most earth-friendly option you could go for. Since wood is basically the only material for eyeglasses that can break down and deteriorate, it poses much less harm to the planet than plastic-made eyeglasses. Beyond that, they can look very aesthetic and add a touch of mystery to your style.


Geometric glasses

Geometric glasses are definitely eccentric, with the rims looking like subtle hexagons, octagons, or even rectangles. The variety of shapes and frames helps to accent a wide range of faces beautifully. Geometric glasses serve as an effortless accessory to any style, so there’s just as much versatility in its use as its shape too.


Transparent glasses

Clear glasses are high in demand and one of the most modern trends to date. For a truly modern look that is simple yet bold, clear glasses are the go-to. They look a lot lighter with their transparency, and they can match pretty much everything, in either a formal or more casual setting. Even in high fashion, clear glasses have become a staple accessory.

Remember, eyewear can be very fashionable, expressive, and professional all in one pair. It’s all about finding the styles that you love! So, I hope this list of eyewear trends helped you narrow down your next look. Which trend is more ‘you’? Leave a comment and let me know!

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