Take Your Eyelid Cleansing Routine to the Next Level with Avenova

Friends, it’s no secret that I love to wear A LOT of eye makeup. Primer, shadows, liner, eyelash extensions + falsies on top…heck maybe even glitter for a special occasion. If it’s an eye makeup product, it’s available to beautify and enhance my peepers, and it’s safe to use, you can bet it’s something I’m stocking.

But with all the STUFF piling on my eye area, it’s super important to regularly clean and disinfect my eye lids to keep them healthy and naturally gleaming y’all. That’s why I use Avenova every morning and night to keep my eye area fresh as a daisy.

This is especially important because I suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, in which my eyes don’t produce a lot of tears and the tears I do have evaporate quickly. This means my eyes get irritated often, especially when stepping out in these blazing Palm Springs summers. (btw, OMG it’s 117 degrees here today, send help!) My eyes felt gritty and burned and watered by midday, and I often had to take off my contact lenses and switch to my glasses just to get some relief. But since using Avenova morning and night as part of my cleansing routine, my eyes feel SO AMAZING! Like a literal oasis of tears here in the desert!

I am so thankful because this product used to require a prescription, but now it’s available over the counter and you can even purchase it at my favorite place ever, Amazon! (I am an Amazon Prime addict, but more on that later)

So, what is this magic product, you ask? Well, Avenova is an antimicrobial spray solution used on the lids and lashes to improve symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome. It helps maintain a clean and healthy ocular surface. And scientific studies have shown that when your eye area is sparkling clean and super healthy, that will for sure result in decreased Dry Eye symptoms. Avenova has long been recommended as a first line treatment for Dry Eyes, Blepharitis, Styes, Itchy or Inflamed Eyelids and Contact Lens Intolerance, but it wasn’t available to the public until just this month!

So, what are you waiting for? If you can more effectively clean and protect your eyelids, improve dry eye symptoms, prevent styes, and help your contact lenses feel “like butter baby” throughout the day, isn’t it worth a shot?

My answer: HECK YES! So go to Amazon now, get this miracle in a bottle, and tell them Dr.Brasfield sent ‘ya!

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