Our Pebble Beach Golf Trip

If you’d told me ten years ago I’d be traveling around the country for golf, I wouldn’t have believed you!

I’d never played golf before meeting my husband so when he first told me that he LOVED the sport, I was a little taken aback. When we met, golf wasn’t even on the radar, because he had quit playing golf at the professional level years before due to burnout. He hadn’t played much, if any, golf for more than a decade

In 2015 I encouraged him to start golfing competitively again since I knew he loved it so much. Let’s just say he caught the “golf bug” again. After that little push, he went on to win the Golf Channel Amateur National Championship that year!

I think it’s really important to be supportive of your partner’s passions and interests, encouraging them whenever you can. Because golf means so much to my husband, I jumped on board and learned how to play the game too (plus now I get to shop for all the cute, preppy outfits!)

This year we made the trip to infamous Pebble Beach in Monterey for the country’s oldest state amateur competition, the 2019 California Amateur Golf Championship. My husband made qualifiers just weeks before the competition, so it was a mad scramble to book last-minute accommodations, especially so close to the world-famous, US Open which finished just before we arrived. But it all seemed to work out and we had such a lovely time!

Golf has become a big part of our family, as we spend most weekends out on the golf course or looking for new destinations to visit where we can play golf. Even our son loves golf as he’s been taking golf lessons since he was 4 years old, and now he even dreams of becoming a pro golfer when he grows up.

Even though golf wasn’t a natural choice for me, I really love it! I think it’s so cool when you can embrace your partner’s hobbies, especially if they’re different because you never know how your own interests may change and evolve. 

We made a deal that every time we travel for golf, I get to do a photoshoot for my blog and Instagram account, and every time we travel for optometry, he gets to play golf. That way it’s a win-win for everyone!

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