How to apply eye makeup

How To Use Eye Makeup Safely

Whether it’s everyday makeup, or you’re getting ready to go out for a date night, eye makeup safety is essential to the prevention of eye problems or health issues. As both an Optometrist and beauty connoisseur, here are some of my top tips in getting the most out of your look with the least risk to your eyes.


  1. Use eye-only cosmetics

Make sure you use “eye-only cosmetics” because they’re made to be safe for your eyes. Try to avoid cosmetics that are instead made with harsh chemicals that may irritate your eyes.  The last thing you want is eye makeup that will cause an eye infection!


  1. Toss away your old makeup

Throw away old makeup to prevent eye infections. If you do develop an eye infection, toss all of your eye makeup and don’t use eye makeup until the infection is gone for maximum eye safety.


  1. Say no to in-store makeup samples

Try to avoid makeup samples at the store because they are usually contaminated from other shoppers. Use fresh applicators and new samples where possible to practice eye makeup safety.


  1. Tell your optometrist

Always tell your eye doctor when you’re having an allergic reaction so they can give you the best plan and response for eye makeup safety. You’ll prevent further damage and find better alternatives to eye makeup.


  1. The cleaner you feel, the better you’ll look

Always have a fresh, clean face and hands before applying makeup. Wash brushes as frequently as possible and store them in a safe place to prevent bacterial buildup.


  1. Never sleep with eye makeup

Always remove eye makeup at night before bed, as mascara can stick to the lashes and cause irritation in the eye. Don’t forget to moisturize your face and eyelids!


  1. Remember, eyes are sensitive

If you know your eyes get sensitive easily, make sure not to introduce too many new eye cosmetics to your face.


  1. If you wear eye contacts

Don’t put in your eye contacts after you have already done your makeup. It’s best to put them in beforehand, with clean hands. This offers the least chance of entering foreign objects into the eye or irritating it with harsh makeup chemicals.


  1. When it comes to eye surgery recovery

Don’t start wearing eye makeup right after an eye surgery. Wait until your eye doctor tells you it is safe to do so, with new eye makeup.


  1. Preventing irritation during makeup application

Always apply makeup away from the eye, outside the lash line to prevent blocking the oil glands of the upper or lower eyelid. This could ruin your whole look later on if your eyes start to get irritated!


  1. The golden rule of safe eye makeup tips

Don’t share eye makeup with your family or friends! This can lead to the spread of eye infections like pink eye, especially if the makeup is old or not stored safely.


So save the extra time for eye makeup safety, and save these tips handy for a quick reference.  The few extra steps are worth it if it means reassuring the longevity of your eyes.  Effective eye makeup safety will avoid countless infections that could lead to more serious problems if recurring. So keep up the eye makeup safety, you’ll shine brighter!

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