How To Properly Care For Your Eye Glasses

So…you’ve tried on over 20 pairs of  glasses that fit your face and personality, and you’ve finally taken home the perfect pair!  Congratulations!  But it can be very easy to forget the simple care and maintenance required to ensure those spectacles last for years. As a board certified optometrist owning two practices in Southern California, I have witnessed this scenario many times.  Unfortunately, many of my patients are back soon after getting new specs because frames have been bent or lenses have been scratched!  Many people may inadvertently be shortening the life of their eyeglasses by making some common mistakes.  So here are some quick tips on taking care of your new shades!

Here are some of my top tips on how to properly care for your eyeglasses:


  • Don’t use glass cleaner such as Windex on your glasses. In one treatment, the ammonia in the cleaner will actually strip the scratch-resistant or anti-fog coatings from your glasses. There are eyeglass cleaners that are created specifically for spectacle cleaning.


  • Use a micro-fiber cloth that will prevent scratches and easily remove fingerprints and other smudges from the glass. Keep a cloth in various areas you frequent, such as in your car or gym back, to prevent you from using your sweater or shirt sleeve to clean your glasses, which are horrible alternatives. The fibers or tiny dirt/food particles in your clothes can scratch or smudge your favorite pair of glasses.


  • When you’re not wearing your glasses, store them in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause the frames to warp and stretch (especially if they’re already too small for your face) and can possibly destroy the integrity of their UV layers.


  • And, try to always keep in their case. Your eyeglasses come with a case for a reason, to protect them when you’re not wearing them. By shoving them into your pocket with your keys (please don’t) or leaving them on your desk under piles of paper, you’re only asking for them to get scratched or lost.


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