Five New Year’s Resolutions That Your Eyes Will Love

Five New Year’s Resolutions That Your Eyes Will Love

Well 2020 is almost here!  With the new year approaching also comes a hug list of new year resolutions.  Their may be some things you have been wanting to change or improve going in to 2020.  Why not add a few good New Year’s Resolutions for your Eye health?  Your eyes will thank you for it!

Below are five great new years resolutions that you can add to your list that will benefit your eye health and keep you healthy in 2020.



1. Wear Those Shades All Year

I know  it’s really great to wear your sunglasses at the beach and show off your stunner shades around your friends.  It is super important to protect those eyes even when the summer ends and the seasons change.  Protecting your eyes from UV rays is important on the beach, in the snow, on the water, or any time the sun is out.  UV rays tend to reflect off of the snow and water which can amplify the affects UV rays have on those gorgeous eyes.

Snow is not as common in the Central Valley but this is the season we take trips to Big Bear, CA to go snow boarding, skiing and sledding.   It is super important to keep your eyes protected since the sun is even stronger in the mountains.  To much exposure to powerful sun rays can lead to macular degeneration, conjunctival cancers and corneal sunburn.



2. Eat Healthy Foods

Let’s face it, eating healthy on a consistent basis can have it’s challenges.  A busy schedule, juggling kids, sports and work choosing to eat healthy can often times be short lived.  Eating healthy food can also be a bit more expensive which also makes it hard to stick to it.  Truth is, once you commit yourself to eating healthy and set a budget for it, you are more likely to accomplish your diet goals.

A simple way to get started is to write down your diet goals including the food you and your family would like to eat and how often.  Then, plan out a weekly family menu and get the kids involved.  Make it fun!  If you need help finding great, low cost, healthy recipes website like has some great healthy recipes that your family and your eyes will enjoy!  Foods high in omega-3’s like salmon and fish are great to mix with dark green veggies and fruits of your choice.


3. Let Those Eyes Rest

Many of us suffer from the busy life syndrome and are overloaded daily with tasks and chores in our home and business life.  We often also spend time looking at our phone, television, computer, tablets.  A recent study shows that the average adult spends 11 hours per days looking at a device, screen, and interacting with online media!  It’s definitely important to give those little puppies a rest at the end of a long day.  To much screen time can cause chronic dry eye syndrome and blurry vision.



4. Schedule Those Regular Eye Exams

I know that you have heard this one before!  It is very important that you regularly visit your optometrist to make sure that your prescriptions are up to date.  Also, your optometrist will check to see if their have been any changes to your eye health and will be able to catch any potential eye conditions early on before they worsen.  



5. Come Visit Us Coachella Valley Optometry!

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We wish you a very happy and full new year!  Remember to keep those eyes looking and feeling healthy!

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