Do Glasses Make You Look Older?

Did you know that a recent study found glasses can actually make you look about 3 to 5 years older?

Many people wear glasses proudly, plus they need to be able to see!  Others try to hide their glasses and bring them out only when it is absolutely necessary.  This is due to the fact that wearing glasses can drastically change your look.  Many people fear that glasses make them look older while others think that glasses make your look smarter or younger and sophisticated.

So, does wearing glasses really make you look older?

A new study by the London Vision Clinic reports that wearing glasses can make you look three years older than your current age on average.  It further reports that people over the age of 45 years old can look 5 years older than their true age!

This research was conducted by dividing participants into two groups.  One group was given ten pictures of people with glasses and asked to guess their ages and discuss personal attributes.  The second group was given ten pictures of the same people without glasses and asked the same questions.  The results concluded that their was a large difference in perceived ages and personality attributes.

We all remember the original Superman movies right? We remember Clark Kent as a sort of nerdy office geek who wore glasses and was a bit shy and lacking confidence.  But when his glasses came off, he became Superman!  Without his glasses on, he became a super hero who possessed the powers of flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, super speed, enhanced hearing and immensely strong!

It is no surprise that in the same recent study conducted by the London Vision Clinic, they found that those who wore glasses appeared to be less likely to be seen as confident and were more likely to be thought of as physically weaker!


Does this remind you of when you got your first pair of glasses?  Do you remember being worried about what others would think about your new look?  I remember trying to decide if glasses or contacts would be a better option.  Contact lenses would allow me to hide my glasses from everyone!

Now I have my higher end pairs of glasses and I know that I’m not alone when I say that I really enjoy wearing my Gucci or Dulce & Gabana glasses!  They make me feel and look sophisticated and completely cool. I wear them out from time to time but I never really considered the fact that they might make me look older!

So do glasses really make you age faster and look older?  What do you think?  Remembering Mr. Clark Kent and society’s popular perception of people who wear glasses!  Do you find that those around you think you look older when wearing your glasses?  Do any of you wear contacts or completely avoid wearing your glasses for fear of looking older?  Or do you wear faux glasses in order to look and feel more sophisticated?

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