The Top Myths and Facts About Eye Health

We all hear that eating certain foods like carrots can improve our vision. But is this entirely true?  Did you also know that vegetables like kale and dark leafy greens are even better for your eyes than carrots?  In this article, I will uncover common myths and give you the real facts about eye health.

Top Myths and Facts about Eye Health


Myth #1:  If you sit close to the television or screen you will go blind!

Fact:  This is a very common saying we have all heard from our parents.  The truth is that spending the day staring at the television or a computer screen can definitely strain your eyes but will not make you go blind! Just make sure you take frequent breaks from the screen and let your eyes rest.  This will help to reduce fatigue.  Also, don’t forget to blink!

Myth #2:  Don’t wear your glasses all the time, it will damage your eyes!

Fact:  If you were given prescription glasses for reading or long distance, you should definitely use them.  Taking off your glasses can cause you to strain your eyes and tire them out.  It’s ok to take breaks from wearing your glasses, but just make sure to not squint!  This can not only cause further eye problems, it can also cause wrinkles!  If your glasses or contacts are bothering you, make sure to schedule a visit with your optometrist.

Myth #3:  A Carrot a day keeps the optometrist away!

Fact:  Carrots are definitely good for your eyes as they contain essential vitamins like vitamin A which can also be found in other foods.  Eating dark green vegetables like kale also contain essential vitamins for your eyes.    Unfortunately, just simply eating healthy and taking your daily vitamins will not prevent or repair your vision.  You must also make sure to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses and stay up on regular eye appointments to make sure your eyes are healthy and identify any eye problems early on.

Myth #4:  Reading in the dark will put your eyes in danger

Fact:  Reading in the dark will definitely make your eyes feel tired faster but will not actually damage your eyesight.  Make sure to place as much light as possible on your book to prevent eye strain.  It’s also very important to let your eyes take a break from time to time and make sure your reading lamp is not creating a glare.  If reading outside in the sun by the pool, make sure to wear protective sunglasses to prevent UV glare from damaging your eyes.

Myth #5:  Take your eyes to the gym!  Eye exercises will prevent eye problems.

Fact:  Have you ever heard of eye yoga? Yes it’s really a thing!  Many people practice eye exercises in order to strengthen vision and prevent eye diseases and macular degeneration.  Unfortunately, eye exercises alone do not prevent or preserve your vision.  The quality of your vision relies on other factors such as eye tissue health, size and exposure to the elements which can not be helped with eye exercises alone.  Eye exercises, have been shown to help your eyes feel better overall and can help prevent strain.

Myth #6:  There is nothing you can do to prevent vision loss.

Fact:  If you have a sudden onset of eye symptoms such as blurred vision, eye pain or an onset of floaters in your vision, you should see your doctor.  If detected early enough, it may be treatable and can correct or slow down vision loss.

Myth #7:  Staring directly at the sun will damage your sight

Fact:  This is very true!  Staring at the sun can cause permanent damage to your retina and the back of your eye.  High UV exposure has been linked to many eye disorders such as macular degeneration, solar retinitis, cataracts, pterygia, and corneal dystrophies.  Keep those eyes protected with some high quality sunglasses!

Myth #8:  Artificial Sweeteners will make your eyes more sensitive to light.

Fact:  This is true!  If you use artificial sweeteners or medications like antibiotics, blood pressure medications and diuretics, these medications can make your eyes more sensitive to light.

Bottom line is that everyone is different and several factors can play a role in your eye health and vision.  It is important to see your optometrist on a regular basis so that he/she can detect any early onsets of eye problems.

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