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How Buy Now, Pay Later Option Doubled My Office’s Spectacle Capture Rate

The one thing that makes a trip to your eye doctor a lot more difficult is stressing over the financing, but with buy now, pay later solutions like Sunbit, patients are able to leave our Coachella Valley offices with much more comfort in financing their eye care and eyewear needs.

Made for our Patients’ Convenience

Since introducing Sunbit to our clients, we have been able to dramatically reduce our patients’ anxiety about applying for financing, which allows for an improved patient experience. With over 90% of our patients being approved from only a soft credit check, and with an incredible variety of payment options to choose from, patients experience a better experience with a seamless check-out process.

The entire application process is also a lot faster than typical financing applications, which involve deeper credit checks and much more time spent. As we are a high-volume office, Sunbit fits in perfectly into our practice, letting patients come and go with quick payments, all under their own desired set-up. Every patient deserves the eyewear and eye care they need, so being able to easily guarantee access to these products through such a simple solution is exactly what Coachella Valley Optometry is all about. With Sunbit, there is no more sticker-shock or contemplating if you can even acquire the care you need.

Transforming My Practice for the Better

It’s not just our patients who are happier; Sunbit has helped our office double our capture rate, with sales having jumped 60% higher per month. The best part has been how easy and intuitive it is to work with the system – you can learn how to use it in less than five minutes, which is extremely important for our fast-paced environment and large team.

Our opticians are also happier now that they don’t feel they have to make our patients jump through hoops just to be able to finance their eyewear or eye care needs. It’s ingrained into our whole process, so as soon as patients come in, they’re made aware of Sunbit and its many benefits so that their whole visit is completely anxiety-free, for both the patient and the optician. Telling patients that they need certain products like eyewear, cleaners, eye drops, or other eyewear accessories, but then telling them they have not been approved for financing, can be an extremely daunting task for the optician, and a certainly disheartening experience for our patients, so we’re glad to improve the patient experience overall.

A simple payment process that is in the full control of the patient is exactly what we needed for the best possible experience for everyone, and it doesn’t take more than a soft credit check, which most people are approved for. Being able to pay for a treatment plan overtime is a reasonable request for anyone, especially when it comes to eye health. Optometrists must adapt and find financial solutions that will work for their patients. It’s the way of the future, a win-win situation for everyone and a necessity for our industry.

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