5 Ways To Grow Your Optometry Practice

Gone are the days where just paying for an ad in the local paper is enough to drive business. Even as a fundamentally traditional business model, the Optometry industry is being shaken up by new and innovative businesses that challenge the status quo. We all know about Warby Parker right?

As modern-day entrepreneurs, we need to create a unique and valuable experience for our v to ensure they keep coming back to us again and again. 

Here are 5 of the best strategies that will help you grow your Optometry Practice. 

#1 Grow Your Web Presence

So you have a website, a Facebook page and an email list, what more do you need? Well, it’s not just about being able to tick the box to say you have these things, you need to engage and elevate these platforms to ensure they’re actually working for your business. 

A couple of places to start are:

  • Ensuring your website is mobile optimized and showcases your service in a modern and sophisticated way. Giving your site a facelift might be just the boost your business needs to attract more people book in with you. 
  • Create engaging content on social media consistently, not just now and then. Share interesting articles about eye health, behind the scenes photos and videos of your patients trying on pairs of glasses or even (if you’re game!) get on a Facebook live to answer your community’s questions. 
  • Have a play with Facebook and Google ads to target prospective customers in your local area. You don’t have to invest a lot to get some really great results!

#2 Connect With Fellow Physicians

You’re not in this alone, I promise. There are likely to be loads of other physicians in your area that are constantly being requested by their patients for referrals to optometrists. Introduce yourself and explain why your service is premium or the area you specialize in.

Don’t forget to close the loop by connecting with the physician after the patient’s appointment to communicate the exam findings. This little bit of extra effort will give them a greater understanding of the overall health of their patient and they’ll be sure to keep you in mind when they’re debating where to send their next patient with eye problems.

#3 Ask for Feedback

You can’t improve your service if you never ask for feedback. You can ask your patients to fill out a physical survey after their visit, or you can send them a digital version via email. In the survey, make sure you use a mix of quantitative (rankings) and qualitative (open-ended) questions so you can get a good variety of actionable feedback.

Another idea is to encourage your patients to write a review on Facebook or Google. If you’re doing a great job and providing outstanding service, you’ll likely get 5 stars every time!

#4 Create a Referral Program

Because word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing, why not create a program to reward your patients for telling their friends and family about you. Maybe you could offer their loved one a free lens upgrade on their first visit or you could create a points system where they receive a free pair of frames when they refer 3 people to your practice. 

#5 Give Back to the Community

Not only is this an incredibly fulfilling strategy, but it also positions your brand positively within the target market you’re wanting to engage with. Plus it creates a good news story about your brand the impact you’re making in the community. 

You might like to work with local schools to offer free eye tests or donate glasses to children who can’t afford them.

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